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Emmy Rogers

Emmy Rogers is a 2 R Blackbelt in Taekwondo, an ITF Grand National Champion, and a Wing Chun martial artist. She is extremely passionate about sharing the empowerment she found in martial arts training by making it as accessible as possible to others! No one should feel too intimidated to start, and training for self defense should be a positive, encouraging, and exciting experience! Book a group or private session today, and start feeling EMPOWRED!


About Empowr

Learn self defense in a fun, fast-paced, and exciting environment! Choose from our options of joining a group seminar, or going all in with  private one-on-one training! We collaborate with gyms to host seminars, and offer weekly classes that incorporate self defense into a high energy fitness class. Train your body AND your mind with Empowr Self Defense!

Group Seminars

Learn REAL self defense techniques that you can apply in any situation! With our energetic training style, we make sure that everyone is involved throughout the seminar to get comfortable with the mindset and motions of self defense. We specialize in scientific training that allows a smaller/weaker person to defeat a larger attacker, even when the adrenaline is pumping!

Private Training

If you are serious about self defense training, you will want more than a one-time seminar. Train one on one with our expert, and develop flinch responses that will allow you to defeat an attacker before the struggle even starts. Your training will be specialized to your body type, lifestyle, and goals. You will leave each session feeling excited, strong, and EMPOWRED!

Self Defense Fitness

Gym owners, offer a new type of fitness class to your clients! We offer high energy classes that incorporate realistic self defense training into a strength and conditioning fitness class! Your clients will leave with new and exciting knowledge and empowerment, AND a good sweat! Contact us today for details, and let’s Empowr people together!

Book a Session

Book a Group or Private session now! Feel EMPOWRED in everyday life with the knowledge and strength you will find in each and every session. Corporate seminars are available for businesses! Gym owners: Book a seminar for your clients, or introduce an Empowr Self Defense Fitness class to your schedule!

Empowr Self Defense has changed my life! I used to feel nervous in my everyday life, like just walking to my car from the grocery store. Now that I have the techniques and knowledge I need to protect myself and my kids, I feel so strong and in control. It has given me so much confidence, and that confidence carries over into other areas of my life! Thank you Empowr for helping me find my own strength!

Sarah S.

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